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Tattoo Artist in Cary, NC at  RTP Tattoo Lab, the best tattoo shop in the greater Raleigh area. Tuesday- Saturday Noon til 8pm.

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RTP, Greater Raleigh Area Tattoo Artist.

Located in Cary, North Carolina, right by North Carolina State University's (NCSU) main campus, Rich tattoos at a convenient location for Raleigh and all RTP residents and NCSU students. The shop is the newest in the area but houses an artist with 22 years experience. Rich has been tattooing since early 1996 and specializes in a variety of custom tattoos including color tattoos, grayscale tattoos, and cover-up tattoos. Rich's forté is portrait tattoos and he offers a distinguished portfolio of portrait tattoos that are done in both color and black and gray. Rich's strong foundation in black and gray tattoos has helped him become the guy known to tackle the 'impossible' at the best tattoo shop in Raleigh. Challenging work is what really excites Rich and his work ethic and honesty has lead to a solid base of repeat tattoo clients and new custom tattoo referrals. Come to RTP Tattoo Lab in Cary, North Carolina and work with Rich to push the envelope on your next custom grayscale tattoo, color tattoo, portrait tattoo, or cover-up tattoo. More about Rich LaBrosse >>

Rich has been pricking me for years, and I couldn't possibly have enjoyed it more!

~ Andrea

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It's that time of the year again. The best NC has to offer will be tattooing in Wilmington from April 26-28th.  I'll be taking the arduous trip from Raleigh to take home some more trophies (hopefully).  While my weekend is booked as far as tattooing goes I need company.  Come show off your best ink and help me take home high honors again. Read More

I will be making the drive from Raleigh to DC very soon. Dragging some friends and clients with me to enjoy the city and enter some contests.  I'll be tattooing all weekend there and while I have some things planned I have time available.  Let me know if you're in the area and want some time in my chair.  I'd love to do some cool new tattoos for you. Read More

Hey everyone. It's great to have an official web presence. Thanks for visiting and I hope to give you reasons to visit often. If you have questions or thoughts on subject for the blog send me a site email.  I'd like to make this interactive in the sense that it may become a general education source for those thinking of the first or the first big ink, ask away.  If it's easier, grey face my Tumblr which you link to from the site and I will consider those for answers as well.  Read More

Cape Fear Tattoo and Art Expo Portrait done at Cape Fear Tattoo and Art Expo. Healed pic if the fuzzies didn’t give it away. Read More

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