Welcome to RTP Tattoo Lab, Located in Cary, North Carolina, not far from North Carolina State University’s (NCSU) main campus, the shop is a convenient location for Raleigh, Cary and all RTP residents and NCSU students.

RTP Tattoo Lab is inside the Chatham Professional Park, directly opposite Z Auto. We are in the second building on the right. The shop is the newest in the area but houses an artist with over 22 years experience. The shop is also expanding and looking to bring in new and exciting talent to make all your tattoo dreams a reality. We are located at: 594 E Chatham St Suite 120, Cary, NC 27540




Rich LaBrosse | Tattoo Artist
RTP Tattoo Lab Shop Owner

I have been tattooing since early 1996. My apprenticeship began as all should by learning the right way to polish a toilet. Once that was mastered I moved on to learn the art of black and gray tattooing.  After leaving my first shop I expanded into more color and cover up work, constantly trying to make each piece better than the last.

I relocated to Raleigh in 2009 and started working at Warlock’s Tattoo and Body Piercing.It was a pleasure working there and now I am starting a new journey at my own shop, RTP Tattoo Lab at 594 E Chatham St, Suite 120, Cary, NC 27511.

I’ve become known in the area as the guy who’ll tackle the impossible. If I don’t think it’ll work I’ll be the first to tell you but I like pushing the envelope. Clients ask all the time what I enjoy doing most. That’s a hard question to answer. I would have to say that a challenge is what I crave most. Whether it’s color, black and gray, realism or traditional Japanese, make me think, I dare ya.