The aftercare for your new tattoo is of the utmost importance. You’ve spent time choosing your artist and design. Poor aftercare can ruin all that good work. While this is not medical advice it is based on years of experience.  Everything has been done to ensure your safety and health.  If you have any questions we are happy to help but all medical concerns or problems should be brought to a medical professional.


Tattoo Aftercare


  • Leave bandage on for two hours.  If you are experiencing any swelling, ice is a good therapy during the second hour. Leaving the bandage on, lay a towel over the tattoo (keep the bandage dry) and ice for no more than 15 minutes. You may reapply after 30 minutes for another period not to exceed 15 minutes.
  • Remove bandage and wash tattoo gently but thoroughly. Soapy hands and very warm water to wash, cold water to rinse. This should only be slightly uncomfortable, not painful.  Adjust water temperature slowly to avoid excessive heat.
  • Apply a thin coat of water based lotion 2-3x daily. A quality brand such as Cetaphil is recommended, the following link is my personal choice for care of my tattoos, the tube allows for worry free application and less risk of cross contamination than the jar. Always use clean hands. 
  • Use thin coats and rub it in gently, once it begins to flake do not rub excessively, no need to help the flaking process.
  • No direct sun light, pools, hot tubs, or soaking for 2 weeks, I WILL know if you broke these rules.
  • Do not pick or scratch, Do not allow pets to make contact. Do not allow contact with unclean surfaces (if you are in a shared space assume everything is unclean).
  • Tattoos should be healed in about 14 days, but the skin will be thin and care should be taken for the first month.
  • Quality 30+SPF sunblock applied every 2 hours is the safest and best protection for your color.  I have found Bullfrog Spray or Bullfrog Stick to be effective choices.
  • If you prefer a lotion marketed for tattoos I have found After Inked to be a reliable choice.